Erin + Brooklyn’s Mommy and Me Portraits

A t the grocery store, three-year-old Brooklyn will randomly give out compliments to complete strangers. It’s one of her favorite things to do. She will say to someone, “Oh, I like your shirt. So cute!” It makes her mom smile hat Brooklyn can brighten up someone’s day with a small act of kindness. Erin reflects […]

Eric & Yalitza are Married!

T   he sky was a silver oyster, the streets of San Diego still shining from a light rain earlier that morning.  The bride and groom were getting ready for their wedding day at Saint Anthony of Padua Catholic Church. When I first virtually met with Eric and Yalitza via Skype video chat, they both come off […]

Julie & Ronald are Engaged!

T hey met in sixth grade, and it wasn’t love at first sight. In fact, both Ronald and Julie admitted that they didn’t like each other…at first. It may be because at such a young age, recognizing and understanding the rules of attraction can be so confusing. They dated. They broke up.  As with first loves, it […]

Brian & Cornelia are Engaged!

T   hey met at a Starbucks in Hollywood, Florida where Cornelia was attending school. They chatted for a bit and learned that they both lived close by. No numbers were exchanged during their first meeting, but their paths would cross again and again. Apart from the same Starbucks that they frequented, they would later […]

Regina & Kazuo

It’s probably the most romantic time of the year. Cherry trees are blossoming, and blushing pink. Japan is absolutely beautiful during Spring time, especially during cherry blossom season.  I had the opportunity to photograph Regina and Kazuo against such a beautiful backdrop. There was a break from the rain and we headed to Kamakura where cherry blossoms […]