Maris & Ieris’ Wedding Portraits in Bamboo Gardens

T hey tower over us. All 2,000 of their slender, but nearly unbreakable spine seem to stretch for miles. Crane your neck, and you see that the bamboo fill the skies at Hokokuji in Kamakura, Japan.  Maris and Ieris (I love that their names are simultaneously unique, and so similar to each other!) are an adorable […]

Romantic Milk Bath Photography

Weekend plans usually include: sleeping in (only until 8 AM because our furry alarm clocks want breakfast), walking the dogs, enjoying brunch, a work out, catching up on some work, tidying the house before heading out to dinner and drinks in Tokyo. Somewhere in between Friday night and Sunday night, I find some time to […]

Angela & Fernando are Engaged!

I t was 9th grade art class. Fernando walks by Angela with a silly painting filled with aliens, a Pontiac Firebird car, and Ghost Rider saving the day. The eccentricity of it all made Angela laugh. It’s Fernando’s amazing sense of humor and ability to make her laugh that first sparked Angela’s interest 10 years […]

Erin + Brooklyn’s Mommy and Me Portraits

A t the grocery store, three-year-old Brooklyn will randomly give out compliments to complete strangers. It’s one of her favorite things to do. She will say to someone, “Oh, I like your shirt. So cute!” It makes her mom smile hat Brooklyn can brighten up someone’s day with a small act of kindness. Erin reflects […]

Eric & Yalitza are Married!

T   he sky was a silver oyster, the streets of San Diego still shining from a light rain earlier that morning.  The bride and groom were getting ready for their wedding day at Saint Anthony of Padua Catholic Church. When I first virtually met with Eric and Yalitza via Skype video chat, they both come off […]